Training and Education

Since 2002, The Congress of Neutrals has been a leader in providing education and training in mediation and conflict resolution to citizens, professionals and community organizations. We currently offer the following mediation training courses:

25-hour Mediation Skills Training

This comprehensive course is designed to qualify new mediators for our Mediation Mentoring Program (MMP), which affords participants the opportunity to gain actual experience mediating small claims and other cases in the Contra Costa County Superior Court. Topics covered in this training include the fundamentals of mediation, effective use of communication, the ethical mediation of disputes involving self-represented litigants and practical application through roleplays.

40-hour Mediation Skills Training

Since 2007, we have offered more extensive mediation skills trainings specifically designed for practicing attorneys, mediators and arbitrators. These comprehensive trainings, which have been approved by the California State Bar Association for 35 hours of MCLE (continuing education) credit, cover issues of confidentiality, neutrality and ethics, the mediation of disputes in special subject areas, cultural differences and the problems associated with bias. Issues involved in developing a successful mediation practice are also covered. All participants will have the opportunity to participate in roleplays.

New! " Mediation Keys to Mediator Success" is a treasure trove of questions and statements that move people closer to settlement. Collected by mediator Dudley Braun.